Heather Hates Stuff: Cannes

"I’ve never met anyone who has seen a vending machine reward them for laughing, I’ve never walked through a door marked ugly, got a Coke from a drone, or been offered a crisp packet with my face on it. [...] The one thing that binds together the more than 200 Cannes winners I’ve seen, is that they are ads only advertising people have a good chance of seeing."

THIS. So much this. I'm sure your Oculus Rift experience about a baby bear on a remote Canadian island is moving, stunning, gorgeous, whatever... for the 12 people who'll see it. Now can we get back to celebrating work that works?

I'm really lucky to work at a place that values effectiveness (and still hired me after I referred to award shows as a circle jerk... in my job interview... with the Managing Director.)

Read the rest of a great piece by Havas' Tom Goodwin here.